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Rs16 Billion down the drain: Flood management failures exposed



Rs16 Billion down the drain: Flood management failures exposed
Rs16 Billion down the drain: Flood management failures exposed

A torrent of criticism is directed at drainage management following devastating flash floods. Social media are rife with photos, videos displaying the chaos caused by the sudden rise of water levels in Port Louis on January 15th.

The Ministry of National Infrastructure is said to be preparing a report in response to the deadly flooding, but scrutiny of the ministry and various involved agencies grows increasingly severe.

Despite over Rs 16 billion allocated to drainage in successive budgets since 2015, recent flash floods have reportedly exposed a complete failure of the water evacuation system in several regions, including Port Louis, Pailles, Canal Dayot, and Albion.

Minister Bobby Hureeram, meanwhile, has remained notably silent since the Monday disaster, leading to opposition demands for his resignation.

When approached by Radio Plus, Minister Hureeram disclosed that an assessment is underway and a report will be provided, but specific details were not given.

Yet, unanswered questions persist, such as the whereabouts of the Rs 16 billion invested in drainage infrastructure since 2015.

Despite significant allocations, the recent floods have tested the effectiveness of the National Development Unit, Land Drainage Authority, and Drain Construction Infrastructure Ltd.

The track record of these entities, particularly under the leadership of Avinash Gopee, remains unclear.

Labour Party MP Osman Mahomed has expressed doubts about contract allocation transparency, while criticism has emerged regarding the lack of disclosure regarding the Land Drainage Master Plan.

Despite repeated opposition requests, the government continues to withhold public access to the plan.

Source: Defi Media

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