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Disaster Blame Game: Shocking Video Embroils Met Director



A shocking video has emerged allegedly incriminating Ram Dhurmea, the Director of the Met Office of having insisted that Cyclone Belal was not a threat to Mauritius.

The video, which was aired on MBC’s evening news on Thursday, January 18, shows the National Emergency Operations Command meeting attended by Minister Anwar Husnoo and Ram Dhurmea.

In the video, Dhurmea can be heard stating that he plans to lift the level one alert the next day at 4 am and reassures that there is no risk to schools.

The Ministry of Local Government and Disaster Management has accused Dhurmea of providing inaccurate information about the trajectory and risks of Tropical Cyclone Belal.

The ministry highlighted a subsequent meeting of the National Crisis Committee where the director of the Mauritius Meteorological Services dismissed the possibility of the cyclonic system approaching Mauritius.

The ministry claimed to have evidence of Dhurmea’s misleading forecasts and stated that he has been suspended from his position.

Dhurmea’s lawyer, Gavin Glover, argued that the video is a manipulation of facts and expects authorities to release the full footage of the meeting.

Dhurmea and Minister Husnoo are embroiled in a dispute, with both denying responsibility for the chaos caused by flooding and heavy rain associated with Cyclone Belal, which resulted in the deaths of two people.

Sources: l’Express / Le Mauricien / Defi Media

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