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Mauritian Beauty Queen Takes on Mrs World in Vegas, 2024



Mauritian Beauty Queen Takes on Mrs World in Vegas, 2024
Image source: l'Express - Mauritian Beauty Queen Takes on Mrs. World in Vegas, 2024

Govinda-Seenauth represents Mauritius at “Mrs World 2024” in Las Vegas. Crowned Mrs Mauritius World 2023, Vimla Govinda-Seenauth is preparing to represent Mauritius at the prestigious Mrs World competition in Las Vegas from January 14th to 21st.

This journey to the international stage has been an emotional adventure, combining happiness, excitement, anxiety, and perseverance. Vimla’s national costume, a personal creation inspired by Pari Talao, celebrates nature with the motto “Plant a tree and save the world”.

Due to budget constraints, the competition dresses were customized from clothing available in the local market. Vimla expresses her gratitude to all those who contributed to the customization of the outfits.

Balancing family responsibilities, studies, and preparations for Mrs World has been a challenging task for Vimla, impacting the time she can spend with her children.

She thanks the organizing committee of Mrs Mauritius for their trust, her in-laws for their financial support, and all the people involved in the photography and makeup.

Participating in this competition represents an unexpected turning point in her life. Putting her studies on hold to compete at Mrs World, she sees this experience as a significant chapter in her life.

Vimla encourages others to persevere and never give up on their dreams, as she considers failures as motivation to work even harder.

Mrs World Mauritius is looking forward to making new friends during the international competition. She encourages everyone to vote for Mauritius on in order to directly qualify for the semi-finals.

Vimla concludes by asserting that, even as an ant among elephants, the ant has not spoken its last words.

Source: l’Express

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