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Blood Bank in Crisis: Donors Needed to Save Lives



Blood Bank in Crisis: Donors Needed to Save Lives
Blood Bank in Crisis: Donors Needed to Save Lives

The Blood Bank of Mauritius is in a critical situation as there is a severe shortage of A and O blood groups, putting many patients’ lives at risk.

Despite previous blood drives, reserves are at an all-time low due to a lack of volunteers, particularly among the younger population.

The President of the Blood Donors Association (BDA), Dewanand Hossen, warns of the urgent need for donors, with over twenty families already seeking help in finding compatible donors.

Additionally, the approaching cyclonic conditions pose a threat to blood collection efforts.

Tragically, deaths have already been recorded, including a 24-year-old dialysis patient and a 30-year-old with health complications, emphasizing the devastating impact of the blood shortage.

Concerns have also been raised about blood supply in clinics, with questions about the depletion of over 2,000 pints of blood in a month.

Some hospitalized patients claim that clinics have priority due to financial reasons, despite blood donation being officially free.

The BDA has requested action from the Ministry of Finance to address this issue.

To attract young donors, the BDA held a meeting at the Ministry of Education and plans to launch awareness campaigns and establish young blood donor clubs in colleges and universities.

The community’s rapid mobilization is crucial to overcome the blood shortage, and transparency in blood distribution can help dispel the perception that payment is sometimes required for blood donations.

Source: l’Express

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