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9 Years, Rs 1.6bn Dispute: Colossal Road Repairs Battle



9 Years, Rs 1.6bn Dispute: Colossal Road Repairs Battle
Image source: Defi Media - 9 Years, Rs 1.6bn Dispute: Colossal Road Repairs Battle

The Terre Rouge-Verdun road in Mauritius remains at the heart of a Rs 1.6 billion dispute between the Road Development Authority (RDA) and construction company Colas.

The dispute dates back nine years, when cracks were first identified on the road.

Despite being fully operational now, the Terre Rouge-Verdun road has faced a series of challenges in the past.

The RDA, following the recommendations of the Attorney General, has issued a notice to Colas and consultant EGIS BCEOM International, who were involved in the road project.

The initial contract of Rs 2 billion in 2009 eventually cost Rs 4.5 billion due to financial variations.

In 2015, significant cracks and landslides were discovered, leading to the closure of a section of the road.

The government and RDA continue to seek justice and compensation from the companies involved.

Colas has stated they have no intention of reimbursing the construction costs, while the consultant’s response is still awaited.

The RDA is now in discussions with the Attorney General’s office to explore options for recovering the repair costs.

In addition, Rs 850 million has been allocated by the government for the rehabilitation of a section of the road, including soil stabilization and landslide repairs.

Source: Defi Media

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