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Brave 12-Year-Old Girl’s Dogs Halt Kidnap Attempt in Remarkable Rescue



Brave 12-Year-Old Girl's Dogs Halt Kidnap Attempt in Remarkable Rescue
Brave 12-Year-Old Girl's Dogs Halt Kidnap Attempt in Remarkable Rescue

Thanks to the intervention of her dogs, a teenage girl claims to have escaped a kidnap attempt.

The traumatised 12-year-old girl provided a statement to the Abercrombie police station on Saturday, January 6, in the presence of her mother.

According to the account of the schoolgirl residing in Residence La Cure, she was returning from a local shop on the same day when an individual approached her, offering her juice.

“Hey, you want to drink this,” the man allegedly said to the minor.

She claims to have refused. However, when she rejected the offer, the suspect allegedly grabbed her left wrist. She fought back and managed to free herself.

Then, the man allegedly pushed her backwards, causing her to fall.

Another individual then grabbed her and covered her mouth with his hands.

It was at that moment that her two dogs approached, barking and attempting to bite the attackers, forcing them to flee in a black van with tinted windows.

The young girl noticed a scar under the eye of one of the suspects, the one driving the vehicle. During their escape, they also took her Rs 25 note that had fallen on the ground.

After the incident, the plaintiff was examined at the Dr A. G. Jeetoo hospital in Port-Louis.

Source: l’Express

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