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Book Launch: ‘Tales from Dodoland’ – One Island, Infinite Stories!



Book Launch: 'Tales from Dodoland' - One Island, Infinite Stories!
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The Remarkable Journey of Vasu Appanna Imagine leaving behind the familiarity of your homeland to embark on a new chapter of life in a foreign land. A professor at Laurentian University in Canada, Appanna knows this experience all too well, having immigrated from Mauritius.

His grandparents were immigrants, leaving India to start anew in Mauritius.

Growing up, Appanna listened intently to their captivating tales of courage and determination. Inspired by these narratives ingrained in his being, Appanna delved into the world of fiction with his self-published book, “Tales from Dodoland.”

Blending elements of biography and fiction, this remarkable work centers around the theme of immigration.

Drawn from stories that unfolded a century ago, Appanna felt compelled to share these captivating tales that resonated with him throughout his life.

In addition to his foray into fiction, Appanna is an accomplished author in the field of non-fiction. His book, “Human Microbes: The Power Within,” explores the intriguing world of how microbes shape human beings. Now, let’s dive into the enchanting world of “Tales from Dodoland.”

Prepare to be transported to an untouched island where cultures mingle and merge, creating a harmonious and extraordinary tapestry of humanity.

Through the eyes of a young boy named Bablu, the reader witnesses the resilience, ingenuity, creativity, and genuine camaraderie that arise when diverse cultures unite. Regala, a fledgling town inhabited by freshly arrived immigrants, unveils its daily happenings and the lives of its denizens.

As the pages turn, the master storyteller, Bablu, guides us on an unforgettable and spirited adventure, brimming with intrigue, excitement, and heartfelt connections. What makes this tale even more relevant is its exploration of immigration’s transformative power.

Appanna sheds light on how individuals bring new spirits and cultures, enriching their new homes. Immigrants, armed with their resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination, create a fresh and vibrant sense of place.

In the context of Greater Sudbury, where the city’s very foundation rests upon immigration, “Tales from Dodoland” strikes a chord.

The city’s growth stems from waves of immigrants, initially from European countries and more recently from nations like India, China, and Africa. The book speaks to the essence of this diverse community, celebrating the multicultural fabric woven within its people.

“Tales from Dodoland” is available for purchase online, including on Amazon.


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