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Pieter Both: Breathtaking Beauty and Challenging Ascent



Pieter Both: Breathtaking Beauty and Challenging Ascent
Pieter Both: Breathtaking Beauty and Challenging Ascent

Second tallest peak in Mauritius, only overshadowed by Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, the Pieter Both Mountain is renowned for its challenging terrain.

The steep ascent necessitates the use of safety harnesses for hikers.

However, the difficult climb is rewarded with breathtaking views of Mauritius Island from the summit of Pieter Both Mountain. states that Pieter Both stands at an elevation of 820 metres (2,690 ft) and is situated in the Moka Mountain Range at the center of the island.

Named after Peter Both, the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, this mountain is internationally renowned for its majestic peak, verdant hills, and diverse wildlife.

It is a popular destination for mountain climbers and hikers, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure.

From a specific angle, Pieter Both Mountain resembles the form of a human head with shoulders, and the hike is split into two sections.

The first part consists of the ascent to the shoulders, while the second part entails climbing from the shoulders to the summit, mirroring the top of the head.

The initial leg of the trek, up to the shoulders, is generally less demanding than the latter.

Nonetheless, it involves climbing steep steps, necessitating regular breaks even for those with exceptional stamina.

Source: News18

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