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Healthcare: Deficiencies Exposed; Accountability Needed Now!



Healthcare: Deficiencies Exposed; Accountability Needed Now!
Healthcare: Shocking Deficiencies Exposed; Accountability Needed Now!

The public healthcare system in Mauritius is facing alarming deficiencies, including a lack of medication and poor hygiene, according to Dr. Bhooshun Ramtohul.

He emphasizes the need for rigorous planning to address these issues and calls for shared responsibility at all levels.

The problems extend beyond the well-documented issues of medication shortages, misplaced patient records, long waiting times, and staff shortages.

Recent discoveries of expired food, infestations of insects in hospitals, and even pigeons in the hospital kitchen have shed light on further shortcomings.

Dr. Ramtohul believes that any deficiency or inadequacy in the public healthcare system is unacceptable and emphasizes the need for accountability.

He argues that if there is a shortage of medication in hospital pharmacies, it is due to poor planning. He also points out that shortcomings should not be artificially created to benefit certain individuals, such as the collusion between hospitals and local medication suppliers.

The lack of proper planning is also evident in the shortage of personnel and the ongoing decentralization of healthcare services.

Dr. Ramtohul argues that proper planning and human resource management can prevent staff shortages and the subsequent reliance on overtime and increased pressure on the healthcare workforce

The responsibility for maintaining hygiene in hospitals is seen as a collective effort, involving not only hospital administrators but also the public and patients themselves, who should respect and properly use the facilities provided.

Source: Defi Media

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