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Foreign Workers Being Employed in New Sectors



Foreign Workers Being Employed in New Sectors
Image source: Le Mauricien - Foreign Workers Being Employed in New Sectors

Foreign workers in Mauritius are now being employed in a variety of sectors beyond their usual fields of construction, bakery, textiles, manufacturing, and tourism.

This expansion includes industries such as retail, restaurants, healthcare, metallurgy, agriculture, transportation, social work, and fish and seafood processing.

As of June 30, there were 36,323 work permits issued to foreign workers, with individuals hailing from a range of countries including Yemen, Uganda, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Cuba, Somalia, and many more.

Additionally, the latest Employment Bulletin reveals that, as of June 30, 18,573 Mauritians were job seekers, including 11,900 women.

Additionally, 20,097 employees were looking for better job opportunities, with 10,225 men and 9,872 women.

This brings the total number of job seekers as of June 30 to 38,670. Notably, 25% of registered job seekers have never attended school, while about 9% possessed the CPE as the only qualification.

Another 31% have followed secondary education (Form I to V), without passing the School Certificate.

The proportion of registered unemployed with SC, HSC, and tertiary education were 20%, 9%, and 6% respectively.

In general, female registered unemployed are more qualified than their male counterparts.

Source: Le Mauricien

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