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Mauritius President’s Gives Assent to Controversial Law



Mauritius President’s Gives Assent to Controversial Law
Image source: Le Mauricien - Mauritius President’s Gives Assent to Controversial Law

President Pradeep Roopun has given his assent to the controversial Financial Crimes Commission Bill, which has now become the Financial Crimes Commission Act (FCC Act).

Despite criticism, the President quickly approved the bill after it was introduced, debated, and voted on in Parliament.

The Constitution does not require the President to immediately act on a bill, but he can return it for reconsideration.

However, if the bill remains unchanged, his assent is necessary.

The President relied on the Speaker’s certificate stating that no amendments to the Constitution were made with the FCC Act, overlooking the implicit amendment caused by the law.

A Senior Counsel told l’Express that the FCC Act renders certain provisions of the Constitution inoperative, allowing the FCC to prosecute financial crimes.

It remains to be seen if the Director of Public Prosecutions will challenge the Act, questioning if it amends the Constitution without proper approval.

“Several opposition parties had urged the President not to approve the law, but he seems intent on remaining in office,” the newspaper reported.

Source: Le Mauricien

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