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Bus Driver Scandal: 33 Caught Under the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs



Bus Driver Scandal: 33 Caught Under the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs

In a jaw-dropping revelation, it has emerged that no less than 33 bus drivers have tested positive for alcohol or drugs since the beginning of this year.

These alarming incidents have predominantly occurred at busy bus stations or during crucial road operations.

According to Defi Media, in many cases, police intervention was prompted by information provided by the public.

The most recent incident took place on Wednesday 13, at the North bus station in Port Louis, where a brazen driver reportedly confessed to smoking cannabis while on duty.

The Mauritius Bus Owners Cooperative Federation believes that a lack of manpower “may contribute to driver indiscipline.”

With an alarming frequency of such incidents, the public is now questioning whether mandatory screening tests should be conducted as a prerequisite for employment, especially in the realm of public transportation.

It is a daunting prospect, but one that needs to be explored to ensure the safety and trust of passengers.

Lawyer, Nadeem Hyderkhan, has boldly stated that contracts of employment should include provisions for random blood tests. An intriguing proposal, indeed, one that may serve as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers and uphold the integrity of the profession.

Source: Defi Media

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