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Ramgoolam Questions PM’s Stance on Stag Party Affair



Ramgoolam Questions PM's Stance on Stag Party Affair
Ramgoolam Questions PM 's Stance on Stag Party Affair

Labour Party leader Navin Ramgoolam has challenged Prime Minister Jugnauth’s silence on the scandalous “Stag Party” affair. Speaking at a major rally bringing together opposition parties at Central Flacq,  Ramgoolam questioned why Minister Maneesh Gobin hasn’t been asked to resign. 

He also condemned lavish spending on projects like the Metro Express amid rising public debt. Meanwhile, MMM leader Paul Bérenger called to dissolve parliament “before it dies a natural death”, criticising a chaotic ministerial reshuffle. He warned of potential economic repercussions linked to the CEB issue. Both leaders insisted on the need for significant efforts in steering the nation’s course.

Source: Defi Media

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