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Jugnauth soon to kick off nationwide ‘mobilisation’ of MSM troops



Jugnauth soon to kick off nationwide 'mobilisation' of MSM troops

PM Pravind Jugnauth, leader of the MSM ruling party, will reportedly soon kick off a series of rallies to mobilise its troops around the island.

The decision comes as Jugnauth faces increasing heat over allegations that he put the country’s sovereignty at risk by allowing Indian technicians to sniff internet traffic here.

The first such rally is expected in constituency no. 9 (Flacq/Bon Accueil), on Wednesday August 10. The “pilgrimage” – term used by MSM activists- will reportedly continue at constituency no.5 (Pamplemousses / Triolet) and other rural regions.

According to Inside News, the announcement was made by MSM Labour Minister Soodesh Callichurn, at a political meeting in constituency 9 (Flacq / Bon Accueil), on Friday, July 22.

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