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Mauritius Telecom has new Board, ex-MSM candidate appointed Chairman



Mauritius Telecom has new Board, ex-MSM candidate appointed Chairman
Maxime Sauzier is MT's new chairman.

Embroiled in a string of allegations of ‘sniffing”, leading to a cascade of resignations at the highest levels, the Board of Directors of Mauritius Telecom has been reconstituted.

Lawyer Maxime Sauzier is the new Chairman while Kritananda Reddy, Anandsing Acharuz, Alain Ah Sue and Neermal Saddul have been appointed directors.

They replace former chairman Nayen Koomar Ballah, Dhiren Dabee, Dev Manraj, R. Bheekoo and Kooseeram Conhye.

Government insiders justified the reshuffle as an attempt to shed light on the decisions that were endorsed by the former board of directors.

“It was impossible to ask former board members to conduct investigations into decisions they themselves approved. But the new members will have all the legitimacy to investigate”, they added.

PM Pravind Jugnauth reacted along similar lines adding that the previous Board was not revoked.

However, minority shareholders reportedly do not intend to “simply forget” the role played by the former directors in attempt to sneak into internet traffic.

“The outgoing directors cannot be allowed to go scot-free,” claim opposition MPs.

“They were involved in the decisions as well. They need to be accountable – they can’t just walk away,” said Labourite Dr Arvind Boolell.

MMM’s Ajay Gunness described the reconstitution of the Board as a masquerade orchestrated by the government.

Opposition leader Xavier-Luc Duval denounced the new Board as “a bunch of MSM supporters who have no clue about telecommunications”.

Sauzier has been a former MSM candidate.

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