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Government to face Opposition Leader’s ‘Motion of no-confidence’



Government to face Opposition Leader's 'Motion of no-confidence'
Xavier-Luc Duval, Leader of the Opposition

Opposition Leader Xavier Duval has lodged a Motion of no-confidence against the Government, amid controversial wastage of public funds.

Duval said “it is a very rare move used in exceptional circumstances.”

He also pleaded for the immediate reduction of the price of fuel, foodstuffs and medicines.

This Tuesday, his Private Notice Question (PNQ) to PM Pravind Jugnauth in Parliament focused on the “general dissatisfaction and growing anger among the population.”

These led to violent protests in several regions of the island last Friday.

“The objective of the motion is to make them (the government) understand that it is time to suspend certain recent unhealthy decisions.”

Defi Media cited an unnamed former Speaker of the National Assembly as explaining that, through the motion, the MSM Government will need to give its version of the situation.

However, he added that a “simple majority” is required for the motion to go through.

Given that the MSM ruling government holds majority in Parliament, the ex-Speaker reportedly said it is “almost sure that the motion will be rejected.”

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