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Breakdown of communication between the Govt and the people



Breakdown of communication between the Govt and the people

Law experts, academics, sociologists and former President of the Republic Cassam Uteem have unanimously condemned the breakdown of communication between the Government and the population.

Speaking on the recent protests, En Avant Moris leader, Patrick Belcourt, told Radio Plus that the people are being asked to “tighten their belts”, while leaders spend millions through missions abroad.

“We have hit rock bottom. People are suffering. How do you expect these people not to be frustrated?”he claimed.

Social activist Raj Ramlugun deplored that Mauritius is going through difficult times. “It is important that there is solidarity. If we want change, we have to stop ‘divide and rule’. We must be able to give confidence through credibility.”

Former President Cassam Uteem, said the price hike was the straw that broke the camel’s back. “People are hungry. Our leaders must be more attentive – not listen with closed ears.”

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