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Reza Uteem: Budget for Big Business, Not Citizens



Reza Uteem: Budget for Big Business, Not Citizens
Image source: Defi Media

MP Reza Uteem has expressed his disappointment and concern over the recently unveiled Budget 2024-25, citing the lack of measures to combat inflation and rising prices.

In a statement, Uteem, a member of the opposition MMM, lamented the fact that the budget did not contain any measures to curb the increase in prices, which has left many households struggling to make ends meet.

“Sixty-five percent of households in the country are barely managing to cover their expenses,” Uteem said.

“The trend shows that prices of essential goods will continue to rise. Even those in the middle class are finding it difficult to make ends meet.”

The deputy also highlighted the issue of high medication prices, claiming that there is a “mafia” operating in the pharmaceutical sector.

He called on the government to introduce parallel importation and apply the recommendations of the Competition Commission.

Furthermore, Uteem criticized the high prices of fuel in Mauritius, attributing them to a tax imposed by the government.

He claimed that the tax on fuel is more than 40% and that this is contributing to inflation. “Our debt-to-GDP ratio is too high,” Uteem warned, predicting that prices will continue to rise.

The deputy also expressed his concern over the absence of any measures to support self-employed individuals, who are not entitled to the minimum guaranteed income of Rs 20,000 or the CSG Allowance of Rs 3,000.

“How will they know if they will receive this guaranteed income when they are not even benefiting from the CSG Allowance?” he asked.

In addition, Uteem appealed for assistance for families whose homes were damaged during Cyclone Belal in January. He urged the government to provide compensation to those affected by the natural disaster.

Overall, Uteem’s statement highlighted his concerns over the budget’s failure to address pressing issues such as inflation, high prices, and lack of support for certain segments of society.

Source: Defi Media

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