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Opposition MPs Unite, Demanding Kavy Ramano’s Resignation



Opposition MPs Unite, Demanding Kavy Ramano's Resignation
Image source: Le Mauricien

A dramatic and unprecedented scene unfolded in the parliamentary chamber on Tuesday, June 11, evening as the budget debates got underway. The Minister of the Environment, Kavy Ramano, was about to deliver his speech when opposition members staged a walk-out, protesting the government’s handling of a conflict of interest involving the minister.

Opposition MPs Unite, Demanding Kavy Ramano's Resignation

As MP Joanna Bérenger was leaving the chamber, the Minister Ramano allegedly used the term “lâche” (coward) three times, further escalating the tension.

The word “kapon” was also reportedly heard during the exchange. The opposition MPs, who took part in the coordinated walk-out, claim that their action was a sign of disapproval over the minister’s handling of the conflict of interest.

Rajesh Bhagwan, MMM opposition MP, accused Minister Ramano of bringing shame to the government and urged him to resign with dignity.

The exact nature of the conflict of interest remains unclear, but it is understood that the opposition is seeking greater transparency and accountability from the government.

The incident has sparked widespread debate and criticism, with many questioning the minister’s judgment and integrity.

The parliamentary chaos has added to the already tense atmosphere surrounding the budget debates, which are expected to be closely watched by the public as opposition MPs continue to demand greater transparency and accountability.

Source: Le Mauricien

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