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MRA’s CSG Payment is Past Due for June 24



MRA's CSG Payment is Past Due for June 24

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has confirmed that the payment of the Social Contribution (CSG) Income Allowance for the month of June will be settled in the coming days.

According to a spokesperson from the MRA’s Help Desk reached by Defi Media on Tuesday, June 11, the payment processing began on Friday, June 7.

However, due to the weekend and the three-day banking processing period, the CSG allowance is expected to be paid by Thursday or Friday, June 14 of this week.

The delay is attributed to the need for banks to process and clear the payments, which added to the overall timeframe. Despite this delay, residents can expect to receive their CSG allowance soon.

The MRA’s Help Desk has confirmed the situation, providing assurance that the payment processing is underway and will be completed in due course.

Source: Defi Media

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