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Ashok Subron: Budget 2024-25, A “Golden Dagger” for Workers



Ashok Subron: Budget 2024-25, A "Golden Dagger" for Workers

According to Ashok Subron, leader of Rezistans ek Alternativ, the budget 2024-2025 is designed to encourage a massive exodus of skilled Mauritian workers to foreign countries, which will lead to the exploitation of foreign workers by local capital.

Ashok Subron has denounced the budget presented by the government on Friday, June 7, calling it a “golden dagger” in the back of workers.

Subron added that the budget will create a situation where young workers will be in direct competition with foreign workers, who will be able to work in Mauritius easily and will be exploited like the coolies of the past.

He also warned that the budget will allow foreign workers to work in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and BPO, without any restrictions.

Subron also criticized the government for not prioritizing relative salary adjustments for workers, instead opting for a CSG Allowance.

He argued that this allowance will not be integrated into the basic salary and will not cover benefits such as bonuses, overtime pay, and retirement pensions.

The opposition leader also pointed out that the government’s decision not to prioritize relative salary adjustments will affect 427,000 workers who were expecting their years of service to be recognized at their true value.

He also expressed concern that the government’s decision to allow foreign workers to work in Mauritius without restrictions will lead to a loss of jobs for local workers.

In addition, Subron criticized the government for not addressing the issue of climate change in the budget, saying that it has not made any provisions to help those affected by natural disasters.

Other opposition leaders, such as Kugan Parapen and Stephan Gua, also expressed concerns about the budget, saying that it will lead to a loss of power for local workers and a decline in their standard of living.

They also criticized the government’s decision to liberalize the importation of foreign labor and allow foreign workers to work in key sectors without restrictions.

Overall, the opposition leaders have expressed strong dissatisfaction with the budget, saying that it is designed to benefit big capital and foreign workers at the expense of local workers.

Source: Le Mauricien

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