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MDFP’s Jet Prime: Luxury Amplified with New Shopping Experience



MDFP's Jet Prime: Luxury Amplified with New Shopping Experience

In a move to further enhance its luxury services, Jet Prime, a subsidiary of Airport Holdings Ltd (AHL), has officially launched its doors to the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise (MDFP) boutique.

This high-end boutique is offering a refined shopping environment, designed by the renowned South African design firm, Dakota Design (PYT) Ltd.

The MDFP boutique boasts a curated selection of luxury products, including accessories, perfumes, cigars, and an exclusive range of fine wines and spirits.

Passengers can also discover the limited edition of Royal Salute, a luxurious Scottish whisky that showcases the unique selection available.

The boutique is conveniently located within the Business Aviation Lounge of Jet Prime, which also offers gourmet dining and personalized assistance.

Travelers can indulge in this exclusive selection of products after clearing customs or before departing.

The boutique is open to visitors who wish to learn more about the products and services offered by visiting Jet Prime’s website.

The opening of the MDFP boutique aims to position Mauritius as an unmissable destination for luxury travelers and support the local economy through high-end tourism.

In May 2024, Jet Prime was awarded “Indian Ocean’s Leading Airport Lounge 2024” by the World Travel Awards, confirming its position as a leader in airport hospitality.

“This new boutique is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional services and constantly improving our clients’ travel experience,” said Catherine Capdor, Senior Manager at Jet Prime.

“Since its relaunch in October 2022, Jet Prime has been dedicated to enhancing the travel experience of our clients.”

Ken Arian, CEO of AHL, echoed similar sentiments, stating that the transformation of Jet Prime reflects its strategy to capitalize on growth opportunities in the luxury travel segment.

“The opening of the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise boutique is a key step in our commitment to offering world-class infrastructure and services, setting the standards for luxury globally.”

The addition of the MDFP boutique is expected to be a valuable addition to Jet Prime’s offerings and will surely delight clients with this new shopping experience.

Source: Le Mauricien

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