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2 Mauritian Fishermen: Dramatic Rescue, Suspected Drug Dealing on La Réunion



2 Mauritian Fishermen: Dramatic Rescue, Suspected Drug Dealing on La Réunion
Image source: Le Mauricien

In a dramatic turn of events, two Mauritian fishermen were rescued on Thursday afternoon, May 30, after their fishing boat, the Mao, was found aground on the island of La Réunion.

The authorities had been tracking the boat’s movements since Wednesday, May 29, initially suspecting that it was involved in a drug trafficking operation.

However, after questioning the two fishermen, investigators concluded that they were in distress and had sent out a distress call after their boat encountered technical problems off the coast of Mauritius.

The vessel had drifted towards La Réunion, where it eventually ran out of fuel and was stranded.

The two fishermen, who were lightly injured and appeared to be dehydrated, were taken into custody by the authorities.

They were initially handcuffed, but after a thorough investigation, it was confirmed that there was no evidence of drug trafficking.

An administrative inquiry was launched by the La Réunion authorities, and no charges were filed against the fishermen.

Efforts are underway to stabilize the Mao, which remains in difficult conditions at sea.

The fishermen will be repatriated to Mauritius once all necessary procedures and verifications are completed.

The news of the rescue was broadcast on Antenne Réunion’s 7 pm news program on Friday, May 31, evening.

Source: Le Mauricien

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