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BANK ONE Scores Big: 1st Place in Digital CX Awards



BANK ONE Scores Big: 1st Place in Digital CX Awards
Image source: Le Mauricien

The bank’s innovative mobile payment solution, POP, with its latest features POP Save and POP Insure, has made a remarkable impression. At the prestigious Digital CX Awards 2024, hosted by The Digital Banker, Bank One has been crowned the winner of the Outstanding Use of Digital Channels to Enhance Customer Experience award.

“We continuously strive to make our digital banking services accessible to all and, above all, rewarding,” said Pritee Ombika-Aukhojee, Head of Digital & Products at Bank One.

“Thanks to offerings like POP Save and POP Insure, we are providing innovative solutions that improve the financial well-being of our users.

This international recognition is a testament to our commitment to reinventing the digital banking experience and offering unique value to our customers.”

Bank One launched POP, the first universal mobile payment solution in Mauritius, in 2021.

Two years later, the bank introduced additional features, including POP Save, offering a seamless and automated savings experience, and POP Insure, providing a platform where users can easily explore a range of insurance products tailored to their needs.

The recognition is not new for Bank One, as it had previously been awarded Outstanding Digital CX in the Highly Acclaimed category at the Digital CX Awards 2022.

“We aim to expand our offerings on the POP platform to better respond to the evolving needs of our users and consolidate our position in this market,” added Ombika-Aukhojee.

Source: Le Mauricien

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