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Mauritius’ Healthcare Sector Booming, 11 Hot Spots



Mauritius' Healthcare Sector Booming, 11 Hot Spots

Since the start of 2023, at least 11 private clinic and hospital projects have been realized or are in the process of being established in Mauritius. This significant development is set to transform the healthcare sector in the country.

City Clinic Ltd

City Clinic Ltd, a promoter with three existing clinics, has obtained its Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) permit from the Ministry of Environment on May 2nd.

The company plans to relocate its Grand-Baie clinic to a new modern building situated along the Vingt Pieds road, Grand-Baie.

The project involves the development of two plots of land totaling 10,781 square meters. Investment: Rs 500 million, Direct Jobs: 250, Number of Beds: 57

Jyoti’s Clinic Ltd

Jyoti’s Clinic Ltd, which operates several existing clinics across the country, has obtained its EIA permit on April 25th.

The company plans to open a new clinic at Pointe-aux-Canonniers. The project involves the development of 15 rooms.

Khan Medcare Ltd

Khan Medcare Ltd has obtained its EIA permit in March for a new clinic located on La Paix street, Port-Louis. The project involves the development of 15 beds.

Cascavelle Hospital Company Ltd

This hospital, led by Dr Zouberr Joomaye, Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office, will be situated near the Cascavelle Shopping Mall on UNICITI Ltd land, a subsidiary of Medine.

The project has obtained its EIA permit in November. Investment: Rs 2 billion, Number of Beds: 111

Artemis Coromandel Hospital

Another project led by Dr Joomaye, this hospital is currently under construction. Investment: Over Rs 1 billion, Number of Beds: 135

Artemis Curepipe Hospital

Located in Curepipe, this private hospital was officially inaugurated on October 2nd. It is also led by Dr Joomaye as president and founder of Falcon Healthcare Group. Investment: Over Rs 1.6 billion, Number of Beds: 81,

Quatre Bornes Medical Centre

This project, led by Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Administration Dr Anwar Husnoo, involves a clinic located at Sodnac, Quatre-Bornes.

The company has submitted an EIA application in April. Investment: Rs 200 million, Number of Beds: 80

Royal Green Hospital

Located opposite Wellkin Hospital in Moka, this private hospital has been operational for approximately one year.

The promoter is RGT (Healthcare) Ltd, whose shareholder is Luxury Retirement Village Ltd (LRVL), a subsidiary of N-G Group – Main shareholder: Avinash Gopee. Investment: Rs 1.5 billion (includes apartments and other infrastructure)

La Clinique Mauricienne

La Clinique Mauricienne, located in Réduit, is set to undergo its largest renovation since its inception in 1957.

The company has submitted an EIA application in August to expand and renovate its facilities.

Private Clinic at Forbach

The IBL conglomerate is building a private clinic at Forbach near the Northern Highway. The project involves the development of 100 beds and will create 500 jobs. Investment: Rs 1.2 billion

C-Care Grand-Baie

C-Care Grand-Baie opened its doors in July. This new establishment, operated by C-Care, the country’s largest private hospital operator, is located next to Mont Choisy Le Mall.

These developments demonstrate the significant growth and investment in the healthcare sector in Mauritius, with a focus on providing high-quality services to patients.

Source: Defi Media

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