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Strong Winds of 90 km/h & Heavy Swells of 4 m Hit Mauritius



Strong Winds of 90 km/h & Heavy Swells of 4 m Hit Mauritius

According to Met Services, a strong anticyclone to the south-west of the Mascarenes is causing a windy and cold weather pattern over the region. Strong wind and heavy swells warnings are in effect for Mauritius until Thursday, May 23, at 4:00 PM.

Passing Showers and Fog Patches:Today, cloudy skies associated with the remnants of a frontal system will bring passing showers to the island.

These showers may be temporarily moderate in intensity to the east, south, and central plateau. Additionally, fog patches are expected in certain areas, reducing visibility.

Temperature:The maximum temperature will be below average, ranging from 19 to 22 degrees Celsius over the central plateau and 24 to 27 degrees Celsius along the coast.

Tonight’s Forecast:Tonight, other clouds from the strong anticyclone will cross the island, bringing more passing showers to the high grounds.

The minimum temperature will range from 15 to 17 degrees Celsius over the central plateau and 19 to 22 degrees Celsius over the coastal regions.

Wind Warning:A strong wind warning is in effect, with winds blowing from the south-east at a mean speed of 40 km/h and gusts reaching up to 90 km/h in exposed areas. The public is advised to:

  • Be cautious of flying debris such as broken branches or falling trees
  • Avoid maneuvers on tall buildings and other high structures
  • Exercise caution while driving on roads with strong crosswinds

Sea Conditions:The sea is expected to be very rough beyond the reefs, with waves of around 4 meters. These waves will impact lagoons mainly to the south-west, south, and east and may break along low-lying coastal areas during high tides.

Fishing and Beach Activities: Fishermen, pleasure-craft users, and the general public are strongly advised not to go out at sea or venture along those beaches due to the rough sea conditions.


High tides: 12:05 PM and 11:38 PM
Low tides: 5:59 AM and 5:46 PM

Residents are urged to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety during this period.

Source: Met Service

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