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Police Commissioner Drops Case: Bissessur Family Members Cleared



Police Commissioner Drops Case: Bissessur Family Members Cleared
Image source: l'Express

A dramatic twist unfolded in the courtroom on Monday, May 13, as judges Iqbal Maghooa and Karuna Gunesh-Balaghee heard the debates on preliminary objections to the motion filed by Police Commissioner Anil Kumar Dip, challenging the conditional freedom granted to lawyer Akil Bissessur, his brother Avinash, and his partner Doomila Moheeputh on June 26, 2023.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Rashid Ahmine, revealed that investigators had not objected to the court’s decision to grant conditional freedom to Avinash and Doomila Moheeputh on June 26.

In the absence of an objection, Judge Maghooa pointed out that there could be no contest.

As a result, the lawyers for the Police Commissioner, Ravi Yerrigadoo and Shamila Sonah-Ori, were forced to withdraw their motion against the two.

However, they insisted on contesting Akil Bissessur’s conditional freedom, citing that Police Superintendent Gangadin had expressed the Commissioner’s objection in court in Mahébourg on June 26.

Judge Maghooa further emphasized that the statement was made in court and not a properly filed motion. The Police Commissioner’s lawyers continued to press their case, submitting written submissions to the court.

The judges have reserved their decision. The case involves the Police Commissioner seeking the annulment of the court’s decision to grant conditional freedom to Akil Bissessur’s family members, issued by the Grand-Port Court.

For context, Akil Bissessur, Avinash Bissessur, and Doomila Moheeputh were arrested by the Special Striking Team on June 20, 2023 after a controlled delivery operation at their home in Sodnac, Quatre-Bornes.

The Magistrate of Grand-Port Court and the DPP are also involved in the case as defendants. The defense team for the Bissessur family members includes Antoine Domingue, Rama Valayden, Neelkanth Dulloo, Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, and Ayesha Jeewa.

Sureka Angad, Principal State Attorney, represents the Magistrate of Grand-Port Court, while the DPP is represented by Rashid Ahmine personally.

Source: l’Express

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