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Opposition’s Analysis: By-election Charade, Game of Delay and Deception



Opposition's Analysis: By-election Charade, Game of Delay and Deception
Image source: Defi Media

Ritesh Ramful, General Secretary of the PTr, believes that holding a by-election on the 9th of October makes no sense. “It’s ridiculous, as the Parliament will automatically be dissolved on the 21st of November.

Moreover, traditionally, Parliament is already on a break on the 9th of October. So, is the Prime Minister planning to waste public funds to elect someone who won’t even have the opportunity to take their seat in the National Assembly?”

Reza Uteem: “It’s a masquerade”, President of the MMM is convinced that there won’t be a by-election. “Do you seriously think that the Prime Minister will schedule an election one month before the automatic dissolution of Parliament? We are witnessing a repeat of 2019.

We are heading towards general elections and I hope the government will announce the date as soon as possible. This is before the Electoral Commissioner’s office spends millions on holding a by-election that everyone knows will not take place.

It would be ridiculous to spend that much money on a deputy who will only sit for a month, as the National Assembly will be automatically dissolved in November,” he said.

Dev Sunnasy, of Linion Moris: A decision is expected to be made on Monday night during their national coordination committee, which brings together the different parties that make up the coalition.

However, Dev Sunnasy, one of the leaders, explained that “there is a high probability that we will field a candidate, even though we know that there probably won’t be a by-election. We can’t let Pravind Jugnauth start his campaign alone.”

“We will be part of campaigning against the government,” said Dev Sunnasy, asserting that there are many similarities with the scenario that followed Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo’s resignation in constituency No. 7 in 2019.

“Just like back then, Pravind Jugnauth is keeping all his options open by pushing back the deadline for general elections. What is clear is that Parliament will be dissolved before the 9th of October, the date of the by-election in constituency No. 10. We are convinced that there won’t be a by-election. If he wanted to hold one, he would have set a closer date.”

Rezistans ek Alternativ: “Return power to the Mauritian people” According to Rezistans ek Alternativ, the country has “officially entered an election campaign.”

“Either there will be a by-election followed by general elections, or there won’t be a by-election, but there will still be general elections. Regardless of the scenario, an official electoral campaign has begun,” they emphasized.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the party noted that “the Prime Minister has chosen the maximum timeframe provided by the Constitution to set the date of this by-election.

History will record that it is the first time a minister fired by the Prime Minister has resigned from the National Assembly without the people knowing the reason for this dismissal.

The second relevant question is whether the MSM will field a candidate on Nomination Day, which is the 11th of July.”

Rezistans ek Alternativ calls for “the dissolution of the National Assembly and the organization of general elections as soon as possible to return power to the hands of the people.”

Source: Defi Media

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