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Ecostrill (Maurice) Ltd: Recycling Medical Waste at 138℃



Ecostrill (Maurice) Ltd: Recycling Medical Waste at 138℃
Image source: l'Express

Ecostrill (Maurice) Ltd began its operations in March 2023 in Mauritius. The company collaborates with various laboratories, clinics, private dialysis centers, including the SSRN hospital dialysis center, for the treatment of their infectious healthcare waste (DASRI).

Laboratories typically dispose of needle boxes as their main waste, while clinics dispose of infectious waste from operating rooms, which is placed in yellow bags, as well as dialysis waste. Ecostrill (Maurice) Ltd provides these medical facilities with specific bins for waste collection.

Depending on the filling frequency, waste collection is usually done once or twice a week using the company’s trucks.

The waste is then transported to the factory located in Pointe-aux-Sables. A traceability system is ensured, recording the weight of the waste, date, and time of collection.

Ecostrill (Maurice) Ltd has the capacity to handle more waste, if needed, for regional hospitals on the island. As for the private sector, around fifteen establishments are currently working with Ecostrill (Maurice) Ltd.

The company emphasized the importance of educating the public on the proper waste sorting for effective treatment.

The services provided by Ecostrill (Maurice) Ltd are compliant with European and French standards. Due to the risk of contamination, no human manipulation of the waste is carried out.

The bin is lifted into the lift and emptied into the system. Shredding begins as soon as the lid is closed, sealed, and locked.

Heating is achieved through saturated steam, raising the temperature to 138 degrees Celsius and the pressure to 3.5 bars.

Sterilization is carried out by maintaining these conditions for ten minutes. This combination of factors allows for bacterial inactivation.

Tests are conducted to confirm sterilization. Decompression reduces the temperature and pressure in preparation for opening the machine.

Condensate and cooling water are discharged into sanitary sewers, and the recovered heat is used to preheat the boiler.

The sterilized waste is discharged into a bin placed directly below the machine, to be subsequently disposed of in the landfill.

Ecostrill (Mauritius) Ltd has a project to recycle this waste, and its team is currently working on this initiative.

Each clinic can generate between 100 and 500 kilograms of waste per week, while laboratories typically produce an average of 10 to 20 kilograms per week.

Ecostrill (Mauritius) Ltd has the necessary capacity to shift towards recycling. The company’s goal is to raise awareness about the treatment of infectious healthcare waste (DASRI) due to the dangers they pose, particularly concerning the spread of diseases.

Rats may roam in this waste, get infected by needles, etc., and spread diseases wherever they go, whether it’s in homes or restaurants. This waste treatment aims to reduce the risk of transmission.

Source: l’Express

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