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Port-Louis Floods: Streets Raised, Some Closed for Good



Port-Louis Floods: Streets Raised, Some Closed for Good
Image source: Le Mauricien

Anwar Husnoo, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Administrations, conducted a site visit yesterday on La Poudrière Street in Port Louis to assess the progress of ongoing drain construction works.

Slabs covering drains were demolished, especially in front of the Garden Tower building.

Excavations are being carried out to connect the bridge near the Central Electricity Board to the Port Louis Museum.

Husnoo emphasized that this area is the lowest point in the capital, with important arteries like Ruisseau-du-Pouce passing through the La Poudrière to La Chaussée axis.

Stakeholders will collaborate on a plan to raise the banks of the Ruisseau-du-Pouce to contain more water during heavy rainfall.

Streets along the creek will also be raised, with some permanently closed to the public, such as Baden Powell Street.

During the site visit, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Local Authorities were joined by representatives from various organizations, including the Land Drainage Authority, the National Development Unit, and the Port Louis Municipal Council.

This exercise helped identify issues with water obstruction and drainage during heavy downpours between Labourdonnais Street and La Chaussée.

Husnoo noted that parking lots were built over drains, reducing water flow, and there were obstructions from pipes belonging to the Central Electricity Board, the Central Water Authority, and the Waste Management Authority.

He warned that flash floods would become more frequent due to the effects of climate change, emphasizing the importance of finding solutions to protect the population.

Source: Le Mauricien

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