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City Clinic Ltd’s Rs 500M Project: Expansion Plans Unveiled



City Clinic Ltd's Rs 500M Project: Expansion Plans Unveiled
Image source: Defi Media

This project is expected to create around 250 direct job opportunities during the operational phase. City Clinic Ltd, a company that already operates three clinics in Mauritius, is planning new clinic in Grand-Baie.

On Thursday, May 2nd, the developer obtained its EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) permit from the Ministry of Environment. The permit application was submitted back in January.

City Clinic intends to relocate the Grand-Baie Clinic to a new modern building located along Chemin Vingt Pieds, in Grand-Baie.

The developer has acquired two portions of land totaling 10,781 m2 to implement the facility.

In its EIA permit application, the developer emphasized that the private healthcare system in Mauritius plays an important role in providing reliable facilities that are sometimes not available in public hospitals.

It is becoming increasingly common for the general public to opt for private medical care as part of their health insurance plan. Additionally, tourists also come to Mauritius for medical tourism.

In 2022, over 200,000 people benefited from private healthcare services across Mauritius. “It is therefore important for private clinics to ensure that their services meet the needs of the population,” the developer justified.

The Grand-Baie Clinic has been operating in a rented building on Sottise Street, Grand-Baie, since 2005, with 45 beds.

The new building, owned by City Clinic Ltd, will be able to accommodate 57 beds and aiming to serve the northern region of the country.

The clinic will provide all essential healthcare services such as cardiac care, radiology services, intensive care unit, physiotherapy, orthopedics, and prenatal care.

The chosen location is part of an agricultural subdivision for which the developer has already obtained a land conversion permit.

According to the developer, the proposed development will not have any negative impact on the soil and geology of the site, which does not contain any fauna and flora of interest.

The developer also emphasizes that “this project will not cause any inconvenience to the environment or residential communities.”

The developer added, “Operating and managing such an activity is not new for City Clinic Ltd. They have the necessary expertise to efficiently and environmentally manage the daily operations of the facility.”

Source: Defi Media

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