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500 Monkeys Sold for 10 Million Euros: Business Exposed



500 Monkeys Sold for 10 Million Euros: Business Exposed

The contract for the sale of 500 monkeys for 10 million euros – equivalent to Rs 400 million in 2014 – was secured by the company Les Campêches.

Dr. Alexander Espitalier Noël is one of the directors of this breeding farm as well as the company Cynologics Ltd.

Living on Angus Road, Vacoas, he found himself leading the board of the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) in 2014 following a decision by the Council of Ministers.

The “political nominee” at the time sparked strong reactions and criticism, as he was also involved in the monkey business and held the position of chief veterinarian at LCL Cynologics, a subsidiary of the GML group, which manages the breeding of monkeys for the American and European markets.

At the time, this appointment had already sparked controversy. The Les Campêches breeding farm is located in the Black River Gorges.

For years, Les Campêches and Cynologics have had LCL Cynologics Ltd as their sole shareholder, with the IBL group among its major shareholders.

Source: Le Mauricien

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