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New MSM Member: Ashley Chummun Denied Government Favors



New MSM Member: Ashley Chummun Denied Government Favors
Image source: l'Express

A family matter has sparked controversy in the political sphere. On Wednesday May 1, one of the new members of the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) was introduced to the public.

His name is Ashley Chummun. Moments later, it was revealed that he is the son-in-law of Ajay Gunness, the deputy leader of the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM).

This kind of family connection is not uncommon in politics, where siblings, uncles, cousins, and other relatives often belong to different parties.

When asked about the relationship on May 1, Ajay Gunness confirmed that Ashley Chummun is his son-in-law and has every right to participate in politics with any party he chooses.

Gunness also pointed out that Chummun is the cousin of Leela-Devi Dookun-Lutchoomun, another political figure in Mauritius.

Gunness mentioned that his daughter fully supports Chummun in his political aspirations, emphasizing that family ties do not dictate political allegiances.

However, the situation took a turn later that evening when Chummun’s wife, Diya, posted on Facebook that the government had made promises to her husband, an entrepreneur, if he were to win the elections.

This revelation raised questions about potential conflicts of interest and the role of personal relationships in politics.

Ultimately, the incident highlighted the complexities of navigating family ties and political ambitions in Mauritius.

“It was a take it or leave it deal,” she added. She mentioned that her father and herself do not interfere in her husband’s decisions.

“He took it for his own benefit. It’s his decision; he takes it as he wishes. He has his own identity and I don’t think he should associate himself with my father unless the intention of the MSM is to make him gain popularity.” Excerpts included from the post as it has widely circulated online and is public.

When questioned yesterday, May 3, Ashley Chummun denied receiving any favors from the government.

“It is completely false and I have asked my wife to delete the post.” He maintained that he is an entrepreneur and did not need any favors. “

He added that everything can be verified with his company, Blooming Star Ltd.

‘I have embarked on a project for a land subdivision in the North and I waited two years to obtain the necessary approvals

He confirmed that he is the cousin of the Minister of Education and that his grandparents, who are from the Dookun family, have been involved in politics. “I have always been interested in politics and I chose the MSM.”

Ashley Chummun also stated that as of yesterday, he did not know if he would be a candidate in the upcoming general elections or not.

Source: l”Express

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