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Household Budgets Soar: Income Up 51%, Expenses Up 46%



Household Budgets Soar: Income Up 51%, Expenses Up 46%

The conclusions of the eleventh edition of the Household Budget Survey conducted by Statistics Mauritius have been revealed.

It has been found that the average monthly income of households has increased by 51.1%, rising from Rs 36,803 in 2017 to Rs 55,600 in 2023.

As for the average monthly expenses of households, they have increased by 45.6%, going from Rs 28,750 in 2017 to Rs 41,870 in 2023.

Statistics Mauritius stated on Thursday, May 2nd: “The real increase in the average income of households, after adjusting for an inflation rate of 31.2% and a decrease in household size from 3.4 to 3.2, amounts to 22.4%. As for household expenses, the real increase is 18%.”

It is important to note that this survey on household budgets was conducted between January and December 2023.

The objective was to study the consumption habits of households in Mauritius and Rodrigues in order to update the basket of goods and services used for the calculation of the consumer price index.

Source: Defi Media

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