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Assirvaden Criticizes Metro Express’ Delayed Operations on 1st May



Assirvaden Criticizes Metro Express' Delayed Operations on 1st May
Image source: Defi Media

“It is clear that there is a sense of panic coming from the government side to prevent the population from coming to support the opposition PTr-MMM,” said Patrick Assirvaden . The version of MEL is expected on this subject.

The Labour MP also criticized the police decision to ban the use of drones during the various political gatherings planned for May 1st.

Patrick Assirvaden speaks of “a double standard policy”.

It should be noted that this Wednesday, May 1st, marks the celebration of Labor Day. Political gatherings will take place simultaneously in Vacoas, Rose-Hill and Port-Louis.

With buses already engaged in political organizations, the public will likely have difficulty moving around in the early part of the day tomorrow.

It should be noted that apart from citing “safety & security risks” as a reason, Metro Express Ltd does not provide more details about the risks.

The public transportation company’s communication manager was not reachable by phone at the time of publishing this article.

This abrupt decision to delay operations highlights the company’s apparent lack of transparency and questionable motives.

Therefore, public transportation will only be available to the public starting from 2 p.m.

Source: Defi Media / Le Mauricien

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