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Sherry Singh’s Charges: Prosecution Rejects Drop Request



Sherry Singh's Charges: Prosecution Rejects Drop Request
Image source: l'Express

The debate surrounding the motion of Sherry Singh, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mauritius Telecom (MT), requesting the dismissal of charges against him in connection with an alleged embezzlement case, is set to take place on June 24th before the Port Louis District Court.

This comes after the prosecution objected yesterday to the defense’s request to drop the charges.

Arrested in connection with an investigation into alleged embezzlement involving equipment and materials in Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) centers, the 47-year-old company director faces two provisional charges of “Giving instruction to commit a misdemeanor” and “aiding and abetting the facilitation of the commission of a misdemeanor”.

He has retained the services of lawyer Rouben Mooroongapillay.

It is important to note that Singh’s arrest followed that of Vidarmen Payen, who was caught on private property in Cluny last June with MT-owned items. Payen, a businessman from Albion, was suspected of stealing from the company.

He denied the allegations, stating that he was only responsible for construction and maintenance work at the MUGA centers managed by MT.

Payen also clarified that he had obtained contracts legally through public tender processes for the construction of these centers.

Source: Defi Media

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