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Thierry Vallet Appointed AfrAsia’s New CEO



Thierry Vallet Appointed AfrAsia's New CEO

Major changes are taking place at the leadership of AfrAsia Bank. Following the recent appointment of Olivier Jauffret as Chairman of the Board, the entity has officially named Thierry Vallet as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director.

As the founding executive of the bank, Vallet brings a wealth of experience in the financial sector, covering strategic management, business development, investment banking, corporate banking, private banking, and wealth management.

“We have a vision for the bank’s future growth and a talent pool to achieve it. Thierry’s deep understanding of the bank and his successful leadership make him the perfect choice to guide us in this next phase of growth,” highlighted Olivier Jauffret.

The new CEO of AfrAsia joined the bank in 2007 as a founding executive and Director of Strategic Development.

He has helped the bank surpass all its key milestones and laid a solid foundation.

Moreover, leveraging on international missions, he has also promoted the Mauritian financial center to position the country as a jurisdiction of choice and substance.

Under his leadership, AfrAsia has received numerous accolades, including the one awarded last year by The Banker, the Euromoney award for Best Private Bank 2024, among others.

“My commitment to AfrAsia Bank is unwavering. I am honored to continue leading this incredible team. Maintaining our momentum requires us to continue working cohesively and passionately, as one, with strong relationships, a positive attitude, and authenticity, to achieve the best possible results for our staff, clients, shareholders, and our country,” explained Thierry Vallet.

With an engineering background, the new CEO of AfrAsia holds an MBA with a specialization in International Finance from HEC Paris.

He is involved in several NGOs and has played a significant role in the creation of the AfrAsia Foundation, including its school.

He is the President of the Rugby Excellence Club (REX Club) and the Mauritian chapter of HEC Alumni.

Source: Le Mauricien

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