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MCB’s ‘Juice’ Teams Up with ‘Peach Payments’ for Payment Deal



MCB's 'Juice' Teams Up with 'Peach Payments' for Payment Deal
Image source: Defi Media

The Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) has entered into a partnership with Peach Payments to offer merchants the option to settle their transactions through Juice.

Stephanie Ng Tseung, Head of Payments at MCB, emphasized that the digital world is evolving rapidly, and it is the duty of MCB to adapt and meet the needs of its customers.

“MCB firmly believes in the importance of instant and mobile payments to enable online businesses to grow in Mauritius,” said Stephanie Ng.

She also explained that this partnership with Peach Payments to offer Juice as an online payment method is a significant step in this direction.

Sandeep Chagger, Director of Operations at Peach Payments explained “As the first mobile payment application in Mauritius, Juice has become synonymous with money transfers and mobile payments on the island.

Our partnership with MCB Juice gives a clear boost to our ongoing efforts to promote the adoption of digital payments in Mauritius, in the safest and simplest way possible.

The integration of Juice into our system means that Mauritian merchants can now use our secure and transparent gateway to accept online payments through Juice.”

Source: Defi Media

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