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Shocking Split: Duval Reveals Betrayal in Opposition Alliance Drama



Shocking Split: Duval Reveals Betrayal in Opposition Alliance Drama
Image source: Defi Media

In a stunning revelation that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, PMSD leader Xavier-Luc Duval expressed his disbelief and disappointment over the breakup of the opposition Labour-MMM-PMSD alliance.

Addressing journalists with raw emotion, the PMSD leader shared his initial reaction to the unexpected turn of events.

“It was a shock to me. I did not see it coming,” Duval commented, his voice tinged with a mix of hurt and confusion. “It is clear that Mr. Paul Bérenger (leader of the MMM) did everything to make the PMSD undesirable within the alliance. His machinations, I do not know what they are. We may perhaps guess his intentions,” he added.

Keeping the focus on Paul Bérenger, Duval painted a picture of a man whose actions pushed the PMSD away. “He held a very anti-PMSD press conference last week. And today, I saw a Bérenger who unleashed his wrath on the PMSD,” Duval revealed, highlighting the turbulent nature of their relationship.

Reflecting on his years of collaboration with Bérenger, Duval revealed the challenges he faced. “He is difficult to work with. He imposes, he is uncompromising, he has his own ideas on everything, and he does not like to give in on anything. I learned that the hard way today,” Duval admitted, shedding light on the power struggle within the alliance.

Duval also disclosed that despite requesting ten tickets for the upcoming elections, the PMSD was only granted eight.

Moreover, his plea for the No.3 position in the government hierarchy to be allocated to the PMSD was rejected, further deepening the rift.

As he announced his impending resignation as the leader of the opposition on Monday, Duval declared that “the Labour-MMM-PMSD ship has hit the rocks because it had a reckless pilot at the helm.”

Source: Defi Media

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