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eGov2024: SIL Expands Presence in Africa and the Private Sector



eGov2024: SIL Expands Presence in Africa and the Private Sector
An ambitious SIL team

State Informatics Ltd (SIL), a regional leader in e-Governance solutions, has announced its plans to expand in Africa while exploring opportunities in the private sector during the eGov2024 Conference held earlier this week.

With the theme “Smart Governance with GovTech,” the conference – the 6th organized by SIL since 2013 – brought together around a hundred high-ranking officials from various departments, ministries, and public agencies, providing a platform for sharing and discussing innovative new technologies.

The event was inaugurated by the Minister of Technology and Innovation, Deepak Balgobin, who highlighted the importance of technology for progress and modernization of governance in Mauritius.

Drawing on its experience in deploying GovTech solutions in various countries, SIL now plans to strengthen its footprint in Africa, leveraging its strong expertise in both the public sector and enterprise domains and its collaboration with SILDIA in India.

According to SIL’s Board Chairman, Abhishake Kassee Jugoo, this collaboration enables the company to access a vast pool of talent and expertise, thereby enhancing its capacity to scale specialized resources.

Furthermore, SIL also aims to expand its reach by targeting businesses in the private sector, particularly in industries such as banking, financial services, and insurance.

SIL CEO, Kemraz Mohee, emphasized the improvement of efficiency and accessibility of public services through the development of new technologies.

“By digitizing key processes such as public finance management, business facilitation, tax administration, licensing requests, and permit approvals, lengthy procedures have been streamlined, processing times reduced, and the overall citizen experience enhanced,” he stated.

By bringing together key government and private sector partners, SIL aspires to promote the digital transformation of public services and energize the island’s digital ecosystem.

During the conference, participants had the opportunity to attend a dozen presentations highlighting key technological solutions that can modernize and transform public service in various sectors such as finance, education, agriculture, national security, and social services.

These presentations underscored the importance of a citizen-centered approach and targeted engagement, in line with World Bank recommendations. Each presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

What is GovTech?

GovTech is an approach to modernizing the public sector aimed at making interactions between citizens and the State simpler and more efficient using new technologies.

This approach embodies the new frontier of government digital transformation.

It emphasizes three aspects of public sector modernization:

• Citizen-centered and accessible public services for all.

• A holistic approach to government digital transformation.

• Simple, efficient, and transparent government systems.

For example, this may include smart mobile applications for administrative procedures, integrated platforms for business creation, or online tax payment portals.

About SIL

SIL is a specialized company providing integrated IT solutions in Mauritius and Southeast and West Africa. The company relies on a team of dedicated professionals holding high-level certifications from global providers of key technologies.

During its 35 years of existence, SIL has designed, developed, and implemented over 300 major projects for governments and private enterprises in Mauritius and the African region in various areas such as Health, Judiciary, Public Administration, Social Security, Business Registration, Finance, Public Revenue, Telecommunications, Banking, and Border Control.

SIL invests in cutting-edge technology and training for its executives and technicians to establish itself as a leading company in the field, both locally and internationally.

In the past year, SIL has successfully implemented significant projects in cybersecurity, passenger information systems, digital certificates, mass digital signature solutions, as well as an electronic registration portal for the construction industry.

SIL contributes to the digital transformation of medium and large enterprises and offers solutions tailored to all business functions, in compliance with local regulations.

SIL ensures the smooth operation of its solutions using the most advanced technologies and reliable platforms.

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