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Plaine-Champagne: Chetak out, Dhruv in, Search for Missing Woman



Plaine-Champagne: Chetak out, Dhruv in, Search for Missing Woman

Multiple police units and firefighters are currently mobilized on Thursday, April 11th, to locate a 58-year-old resident of Vacoas.

The woman had gone with her son to Plaine-Champagne, but her son lost sight of her at some point.

“I had a problem with my shoe and I bent down to fix it but when I stood up, I couldn’t find her,” the son explained.

He alerted his relatives to come to the scene and as he works as a driver, he had to leave to do a job.

The relatives were unable to find the mother. They then called the police in Chemin-Grenier. When the son returned, he pointed out where his mother was last seen.

The police canine unit, Chetak, as well as the GIPM led by Inspector Noonaram, were dispatched to the scene.

As night fell, the Chetak helicopter was unable to continue the search. The Dhruv helicopter will provide assistance.

The operation is coordinated by Chief Inspector Nursimulu and Police Assistant Superintendent Nunkoo, under the command of ACP Sookeea.

Source: l’Express

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