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Boaters Keep Away: No. 1 Rule Around Ailing Sperm Whale



Boaters Keep Away: No. 1 Rule Around Ailing Sperm Whale
Image source: Defi Media

The Indian Ocean Marine Life Foundation (IOMLF) recently shared updates on the growing family of sperm whales in Mauritius, with a mix of excitement and concern.

René Heuzey, a renowned underwater filmmaker and president of IOMLF, reported on Eliot, a 13-year-old adult sperm whale who had disappeared for several months before reappearing.

However, the health of Mystère, the sister of the matriarch Irène Gueule-Tordue, is deteriorating, leading to a warning against approaching her by boaters and sea professionals.

Mystère, who has resided in Mauritius for decades, appears to be in declining health, as evidenced by visible physical changes.

Despite efforts to understand her condition, the foundation acknowledges the inevitability of nature’s course.

Meanwhile, Eliot seems to have rejoined the family after departing to explore the southern hemisphere.

The IOMLF, established by Claude and Francesca Kwan Tat to protect the Indian Ocean’s marine life, is actively engaged in studying and educating about the region’s ecosystem.

The foundation’s leadership, led by a mix of French and Mauritian individuals, works tirelessly to safeguard the ocean’s biodiversity.

Source: Defi Media

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