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4th Dialysis Patient Death at Souillac Hospital Shocks Community



4th Dialysis Patient Death at Souillac Hospital Shocks Community

No one seems to be paying attention to the complaints launched at the Ministry of Health for an investigation into the reasons behind the recent deaths of dialysis patients.

A month ago, the Renal Disease Patients Association denounced the case of three dialysis patients at the Souillac hospital.

A fourth dialysis patient died yesterday, Tuesday, April 9. The association suspects contamination of the water used for treatment.

Members are demanding an analysis and an investigation. However, the ministry has already dismissed this theory. “Have the machines been cleaned?

The ministry took a sample of this water and waited several days for the results. In the meantime, haven’t other patients in this Souillac unit had time to be infected?” questions Bose Soonaran, the spokesperson.

He is asking the Ministry of Health to display the Colony Forming Unit rate of the machines.

“There is a real problem at the Souillac hospital,” he insists. Dialysis patients at the facility are not reassured.

Among them, Didier points out that “we are afraid, Souillac hospital used to offer the best treatments to dialysis patients in the past.

Today, this is no longer the case.” It is worth remembering that in March, when asked, the Ministry of Health stated that the three deaths were not related to the water and explained that the unit is within standards, while adding that the water used is regularly tested.

In memory of the 11 dialysis patients who died during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, the Renal Disease Patient’s Association will organize a march in Souillac on Saturday, April 13.

“We are still waiting for the truth. It is an injustice to the families,” regrets Bose Soonarane, spokesperson for the association.

“There are many shortcomings in the care that led to these sudden deaths,” he maintains.

Source: Le Mauricien

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