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Iñigo de Prado Takes Charge at QBL & SAIL



Iñigo de Prado Takes Charge at QBL & SAIL

Quality Beverages Limited (QBL) has acquired all the shares of Soap and Allied Limited (SAIL), leading to the merging of the two companies under a common leadership.

Currimjee Industries (CIND), the major shareholder of both entities, has appointed Iñigo de Prado as the Managing Director of the new combined organization.

Azim Currimjee and Ashraf Currimjee, who previously served as Managing Directors of QBL and SAIL, will now sit on the board of the new entity.

De Prado believes that the merger will allow customers to benefit from the expertise of employees from both companies, providing a more comprehensive service and better proximity.

De Prado highlighted, “I am confident that we have all the necessary assets – diverse skills, complementary strengths, increased agility – to become a more innovative and competitive leader in our sector. Together, we will continue to push boundaries and reach new heights,”

Azim Currimjee explains that the alignment of the two companies will facilitate the creation of value and promote the development of their respective fields.

“Our goal is to create a stronger, more competitive, and resilient organization, better equipped to meet the needs of our customers and various stakeholders,” he added.

Source: Defi Media

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