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Marijuana Worth Rs 74.8 Million Seized



Marijuana Worth Rs 74.8 Million Seized
Image source: l'Express

In a successful operation on Thursday, March 28, the Special Striking Team (SST) made a significant bust with the help of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Section of the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

Led by Superintendent of Police Ashik Jagai, the team seized approximately 30 kg of marijuana with an estimated street value of Rs 74.8 million.

The package had arrived from South Africa in a cardboard box with various compartments, disguised as a spare part. A woman has been taken into custody in connection with the case.

This operation highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement in Mauritius to crack down on drug trafficking and keep illicit substances off the streets.

The collaboration between different agencies shows the importance of coordination and intelligence sharing in combating drug crimes.

Source: l’Express

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