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40+ illegal Workers Uncovered by Immigration Officers



40+ illegal Workers Uncovered by Immigration Officers
Image source: l'Express

In an early morning operation on Monday, March 25th, the Passport and Immigration Office’s (PIO) “tracking team” carried out a crackdown targeting foreign workers in illegal situations.

The operation took place in a six-story building in Beau-Bassin, resulting in the arrest of over thirty men and approximately ten Malagasy women.

Simultaneously, in a four-story building about fifty meters away, officers from the PIO were seen verifying passports of about ten African-origin men.

Around three individuals were detained as a result of this verification process.

Furthermore, in the Northern region, under the supervision of Sergeant Lilloo and the oversight of the PIO’s Director General, Superintendent of Police Narendra Kumar Boodhram, additional clandestine foreign workers were targeted.

The operation underscores the PIO’s ongoing efforts to tackle illegal immigration and enforce immigration laws.

It also signals a coordinated approach between law enforcement agencies to address the issue of undocumented foreign workers within the country.

Source: l’Express

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