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Recruitment Drive Amid Upcoming Elections



Recruitment Drive Amid Upcoming Elections

The Disciplined Forces Service Commission has initiated a fresh recruitment drive for aspiring constables within the police force, commencing on Friday, March 15th. Candidate registration will span from April 1st to April 23rd.

This initiative, announced by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth on March 12th, aims, as he stated, to bolster law and order in our Republic.

A similar exercise will also take place in Rodrigues. This recruitment drive unfolds against the backdrop of an ongoing election campaign.

It’s worth noting that recruitment within the police force has historically been a political tool wielded by incumbent governments.

The current Prime Minister has consistently emphasized his government’s commitment to recruiting 4,000 police officers annually from 2022 to 2024, in addition to promoting 1,457 constables and corporals to the rank of sergeant.

The Mauritius Police Force currently comprises approximately 12,700 members, with 83 police stations and 20 National Coast Guard stations across the island, alongside six police stations in Rodrigues.

In terms of regional distribution, police stations are strategically located to serve different population centers.

For instance, in the northern division, which boasts approximately 290,000 inhabitants, police stations are situated in various locales such as Grand-Baie, Terre-Rouge, Triolet, and Pamplemousses.

Similar arrangements are made for other divisions such as Port Louis, the East, West, Central, and South.

Successful candidates in this latest recruitment exercise will undergo training and will be confirmed as constables after a year.

After five years of service, constables are eligible to sit for exams to qualify for the position of sergeant.

It’s important to note that promotions within the force occur through two avenues: examination-based and automatic.

These apply to ranks beyond chief inspector and encompass specialized units such as the Very Important Person Security Unit, the Special Mobile Force, the National Security Service (NSS), and the National Coast Guard, among others.

The Prime Minister had previously announced during the 2019 election campaign automatic promotion to the rank of inspector for all sergeants with 20 years of service, and promotion to sergeant for officers with the same tenure.

It’s understood that this promotion exercise is also imminent.

However, the recent wave of promotions hasn’t been universally welcomed within the force.

Some officers express frustration over perceived lack of transparency in the process. Approximately 200 officers from the VIPSU were promoted in the latest exercise, prompting discontent among those in other units.

Inspectors with over fifteen years of service lament their stagnation and lack of motivation, feeling overlooked in favor of automatic promotions, particularly within the VIPSU.

Furthermore, pilots of police helicopters feel excluded from promotion opportunities.

Alongside vacancies for constables, there are positions available for cadet officers, open to degree holders.

Selected candidates undergo training in India before assuming roles as Deputy Assistant Superintendents of Police (DASP). However, many of the latest recruits have been awaiting confirmation for five years.

The prevailing sentiment among officers underscores a call for meritocracy and recognition of experience and dedication.

As frustrations simmer within the force, questions arise about the worthiness of continued service in an environment perceived as lacking in acknowledgment and fairness.

Source: l’Express

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