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Dass Appadu Quits due to Qualification Disagreement



Dass Appadu Quits due to Qualification Disagreement

Former senior civil servant Dass Appadu has decided to end his collaboration with the University of Mauritius after being targeted by an investigative committee.

Dass Appadu no longer holds the position of lecturer at the University of Mauritius (UoM) since March 5.

This former high-ranking official made headlines in 2018 for being summoned by the investigative commission established to look into the actions of former President of the Republic, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim.

He is the subject of an investigative committee set up by the UoM management, particularly regarding his eligibility to teach on the Réduit campus.

According to the criteria established by the UoM administration, part-time lecturers must hold a degree and a master’s degree obtained from an institution recognized by regulatory authorities.

The investigation sought to clarify allegations suggesting that Dass Appadu did not possess the formal qualifications required.

While Dass Appadu claimed to have equivalences, our sources indicate that the committee concluded that the former civil servant’s academic qualifications did not meet the UoM rules allowing him to teach.

However, even before this investigative committee officially communicated its decision indicating that the UoM could not afford to employ a lecturer without the required academic qualifications, Dass Appadu voluntarily submitted his resignation.

It has also been reported that another investigation may soon be initiated to clarify the circumstances under which Dass Appadu was recruited to teach on campus.

We have tried in vain to gather Dass Appadu’s explanations for his resignation.

However, according to his circle, the former senior civil servant is deeply disappointed to have reached such a situation after collaborating fully with the UoM for over 10 years.

Dass Appadu was indeed called upon to intervene in various faculties to share his professional experience with students on campus, and many of them now hold important positions in both the government and private sector.

Source: Defi Media

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