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11th CEO of Air Mauritius: Charles Cartier Takes the Reins



11th CEO of Air Mauritius: Charles Cartier Takes the Reins
Image source: Defi Media

This decision was endorsed by the Board of Directors of MK during a meeting on Wednesday, March 6th. One of his priorities is to bring calm to the teams within the national aviation company.

Charles Cartier acknowledges that there are various issues such as delays and breakdowns. He emphasizes the need to address them so that customers have a pleasant travel experience with Air Mauritius.

The new CEO of MK states that he plans to meet with various stakeholders starting tomorrow to establish a work plan. Charles Cartier is the 11th CEO to take the helm of the national aviation company since 2000.

Cartier was previously the Managing Director of Accenture in Mauritius. He succeeds Krešimir Kučko.

The contract of the Croatian Krešimir Kučko was terminated prematurely following an internal investigation conducted by the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers into suspicions that he had benefitted from a trip to Bordeaux, France, funded by a company with whom Air Mauritius does business.

Source: Defi Media

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