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Ukrainian Mom Jailed for Theft Following Rape Report



Ukrainian Mom Jailed for Theft Following Rape Report

The case of Marina, a Ukrainian resident of Mauritius for over a decade, is a poignant example of the challenges faced by victims of domestic violence who dare to break the silence.

She is currently detained for theft, as her partner has accused her of stealing his watch and other items worth Rs 200,000.

While her partner has not been investigated by the police following Marina’s report of rape, she is still facing the consequences of speaking out against the inhumane treatment she allegedly endured.

Being held at the Vacoas police station, this mother of two children, aged nine and seven, is still unable to secure bail.

Marina’s downward spiral began when she reported the abuse she suffered from her partner in a statement at the Rivière-du-Rempart police station a few weeks earlier. Instead of receiving the support and protection she said she deserved, she has been in detention since February 17, accused of a crime she denies committing.

The turn of events raises alarming questions about the protection of domestic violence victims as her loved ones claim her partner was able to leave after a brief interrogation without further investigation into the rape and torture allegations.

Having lived in Mauritius for over a decade, the Ukrainian arrived with her British husband, who had obtained a residence permit. Following their divorce a few years ago, her life took a difficult turn.

Custody of her children was given to her ex-husband, and she tried to rebuild her life in another relationship that turned out to be even more unhappy. For a long time, she endured various forms of abuse from her partner, who even confiscated her passport.

Since her divorce, Marina has been living in irregular circumstances as she no longer has a permit to stay in Mauritius. Without her passport, she faces difficulties in taking steps, while her partner promised to help her obtain a work permit.

Marina’s detention under such murky circumstances, her loved ones emphasize, is a blatant violation of her fundamental rights. Her mental health and well-being are severely compromised by this situation.

Despite the efforts of her lawyers, Mr. Shailesh Seebaruth and Mr. Vijay Cooshna, Marina’s inability to obtain bail due to the absence of her passport complicates matters further.

Her precarious status, resulting from the expiration of her residence permit, should be handled with understanding and not used as a means to keep her behind bars. Her ordeal could have been avoided if the competent authorities had responded appropriately to her pleas for help, her loved ones claim.

Allegations that her partner has close ties to the police raise doubts and fuel fears about obtaining justice.

Their call for justice, they say, is an appeal for action to ensure that no one is left behind in the fight against domestic violence.

Source: Le Mauricien

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